Growing Your Brand with Website Design

Brands are all important in the modern era and every aspect of their marketing and promotional materials comes under scrutiny, including their website. As that’s so, it’s imperative that businesses afford their website the attention it deserves and ensure that it’s kept in-line with their branding objectives.

This not only means using their branding colour schemes and logo on their website, but also having a digital agency like design the site to ensure that user experiences are just as positive as the experiences their products and services deliver.

Responsive website design

As you may be aware, Google recently rolled out ‘Mobilegeddon’, a new change to their search algorithm which favours websites optimised for mobile devices. Basically, if you haven’t optimised your site for mobile users you’re missing out on some amazing opportunities – you would be anyway even if Mobilegeddon hadn’t been rolled out – because your site won’t rank favourably on mobile searches.

Brands need to be everywhere their target audiences are in the modern era and all audiences are increasingly using mobile devices for search purposes. That means you have to optimise your site for mobile searches and the best way to do that is with responsive website design, something the abovementioned digital agency excels at.

And what is responsive website design? Basically, it’s an approach to website design that aims to develop websites that provide optimal viewing and interaction experiences across all devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop monitors, with a minimum of resizing, scrolling and panning involved.

With an innovative website that uses this highly beneficial approach to website design, you can further your branding objectives and reach out to a remarkably broad audience.

Increase visitor engagement and deliver better experiences

To further your branding objectives through your website, you should be aiming to increase visitor engagement and deliver better user experiences, the kind of experiences users have come to expect alongside advances in design and technology.

And to deliver great user experiences, a combination of skills such as user interface design and interaction design, skills that experienced web designers possess.

Bounce rates

If your website is experiencing high bounce rates, it suffices to say that visitors to your site aren’t as impressed with their experiences as they could or should be. This means changes need to be made.

So, what’s a bounce rate? The bounce rate is the rate at which visitors leave your site without viewing any other pages, and there are a number of reasons why your bounce rate is higher than it should be.

If you’ve checked your site’s analytics and you realise your bounce rate isn’t what it should be, get in touch with a digital agency like, as they’re renowned for creating innovative, engaging websites that keep visitors captivated.

If you want a clean, easily navigable website that furthers your branding objectives, get in touch with an experienced web developer who’ll create a website that delivers the kind of experiences users have come to expect from the world’s leading brands. 

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